Helping tattoo artists live the dream since the mid 90s.

You've seen all the ads and formulas for tattoo management software for tattooers, at least if you are on social media. All the high valued courses and systems and discounts for the secrets. Here's my gig. For over two decades I've been exclusively helping artists, from world class tattooers to those just starting out, in leveraging computers and business to define success, amplify their creative energies, and get after it.

The freelancers and I all live and breath tattooing, and spend all our time supporting artists, not tattooing. When you see our work product, you know why this is a benefit.

Solutions for Artists, Studios, & Suppliers

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Proven digital tools easily affordable to any tattooer or studio ($99 - $399 a month). If you are awesome and deliver an exceptional experience & tattoo, these tools will work for you.

  • All in 1 Communications Center (Email/SMS/DMs)

  • Calendar with Reminders & Followup

  • Client Outreach & Referral

  • Combine current tools into 1

  • Educate & book qualified consultations in your sleep

  • Start with essentials, or dive into full suite of tools

  • Freelancers to help you maximize your time

Interested in a tour and how much this all costs? Let's chat! Please fill out the form, answer a few questions, and the next video will math it out for you. No secrets.

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Also no bonuses, and no discounts either. No lists of values and $ saved. This is simply an amazing set of comprehensive tools for a modest investment. Worth millions in the right hands. Guaranteed. Zero in the wrong hands (not you hopefully!)

"Amplifying positive tattoo artists, studios, and supply companies so they can leave the longest lasting impact they can on humanity."

• Gabriel Ripley | Easthampton MA