For Tattooers who want to leave the longest lasting positive impact on humanity they can, or simply build a clientele.

What type of artists does TattooNOW work with?

  • Artists spinning wheels with social media, wondering about hiring a manager, but ultimately simply seeking how to get more tattoo clients.

  • Overwhelmed with communications? Lost reference? Too many or too disorganized?

  • Working alone or without inspiration or a tattoo community?

  • Artists and Studios ready to make the transition to digital, or upgrade from Google Calendar!

  • Artists who respect the positive effect tattooing has on a wide variety of humanity and cultures.

"TattooNOW is unique in its experienced "Bird's Eye" view and comprehensive solutions. More than just software, or coaching, or a course: TattooNOW helps orchestrate across many areas of your business with management and marketing software/apps, business plans designed for tattooers, and weekly roundtable discussions about tech and business with peers & experts." - Gabe Ripely

How is TattooNOW different?

We have evolved and worked with exceptional tattooers (and those on the path to exceptional) since the mid 90s.

  • Decades of real-world experience helping tattooers learn how to get new tattoo clients

  • Unmatched SEO JUICE - no other site has been a trusted tattoo blog for as long.

  • Hosted professional development events for tattooers nationally and internationally since 2008

  • Taught business classes at tattoo conventions and conferences worldwide

  • From 2005-2018 generated 8 figures for our own tattoo studios

  • Learn from a wide variety of tattooers and supporting business owners, not just a "Guru" (but a few real-life coaches!)

  • Custom & modified software and apps

  • One of the few "Part Time Executives" dedicated to the tattoo community

Paradise Tattoo Gathering

Our flagship event for some of the world's most talented tattooers and many of those seeking inspiration, knowledge, and guidance.

October 24-27 2024

Inspirational Events

"We help tattooers become better tattooers through Inspirational and educational events In Real Life & Virtually. These events help tattooers who are isolated and bored to world-class artists of exceptional influence and all sorts in between expand and fulfill their potential." - Gabe Ripley

  • Paradise Tattoo Gathering

  • Paradise Artist Retreat

  • Worldwide Tattoo Conference

  • Reinventing the Tattoo LIVE

  • Venetian Tattoo Gathering

Software & Apps

Tattooers, and those of like mind, rarely love to work on business and administration. TattooNOW has been helping artists use software to find more tattoo clients, organize incoming communications, and follow up for decades.

Our direct experience in running tattoo studios and conventions helps craft software tailored for your needs.

  • Marketing and Promotion Software

  • Tattoo Appointment Booking App

  • Communications Center for all DMS

  • Search Engine Friendly Websites

  • Interactive Videos

  • Social Media Scheduler

  • Incoming phone management

  • Full Business Plan Creation

Professional Development

Communities and courses to help you expand, visualize, and fulfill your potential.

  • Guy Aitchison's Reinventing the Tattoo - Guy Aitchison's legendary, groundbreaking, & ever-evolving courses, events, & community - Get your friends to join you at the Art Critique & Exercises every Monday 9pm EST!

  • RIT Courses - Webinars from over 20 tattooers

  • Fireside Tattoo Club - OG Youtuber/Podcaster & tattooer Jake Meek's Inside Fireside Tattoo Club meets regularly to improve their skills

  • 1 on 1 Consulting

  • Artist Recruiting/Placement - We're not for everyone. Hard-working, forward, thinking, positive, not misogynistic, not racist, and generally people and studios who love to engage in professional development.

Join us for our weekly roundtable discussion each Wednesday at 11am EST. Register in advance for reminders and the latest link.

  • Free Live Roundtable & Community Registration

  • Add your issues to the agenda

  • Tech setup & advanced systems

  • Business advice from many

  • Tattoo Promotion & advertising ideas

Tattoo Supplies

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